i like one direction hbu

Why I want to loose weight

• To look really good in crop tops, short shorts, leggings, bikinis, skintight dresses and skinny jeans.
• When I loose this weight, I may actually get a boyfriend.
• When I get said boyfriend I can jump into his arms and get piggy backs from him without hurting him.
• Proving those who called me fat wrong.
• Being able to run a mile without feeling like I’m gonna cough up a lung.
• Idk if I meet anyone famous(Harry styles) this summer they won’t see a normal average teenage girl, they’ll see a physically fit and skinny girl. Which could be a potentially amazing thing ok sorry don’t judge me.
• I’m really tired of looking at my thighs and stomach.

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oops so I was gonna make this a personal thinspo blog for just myself so I put it on one of my saved urls, but it’s actually getting popular RN omg.
So yeah. Next time I get access to a computer I’ll make this a thing then.

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